In 2006, the average retail price for electricity was 10.40¢ per Kilowatt hour in Flower Mound. By May 2018, the price had a 26.44% increase in the electricity cost and jumped to 13.15¢ per Kilowatt hour.

The electricity bills are burning holes into an individual’s pocket.

Thus, people want to buy more energy-efficient high SEER-rated AC units, but the tricky part is that energy-efficient units are expensive. So let us help you figure out the good SEER rating for you, so you don’t invest in an AC unit with way more rating than is required for use.

What Is SEER?

The SEER is a rating system that measures the unit’s cooling ability annual energy consumption, and efficiency in everyday use. The average rating is calculated using consistent indoor and a variety of outdoor temperatures.

SEER ratings play a vital role in cost-effectiveness as an HVAC unit with a higher rating will require less energy. The following factors are considered while measuring the SEER Ratings to provide an actual representation of typical energy use in an AC unit:

  • Climate zones
  • Part-load efficiency
  • Energy consumption in standby mode
  • Varying load requirements

The Different Types of SEER Options

AC units with a high SEER rating are more expensive. SEER features are not available in a regular window unit. You will find 16 SEER ratings, 18 SEER ratings, 21 SEER ratings, and 24 SEER rating options available in HVAC and mini-split systems.

How To Choose the Best SEER?

There is no perfect efficiency of an AC unit that works for all spaces. As mentioned already, a few factors determine whether a SEER rating is efficient for your requirements. So, if you live in an area where the air is humid, an AC unit with a low SEER rating will be worth a buy.

Before calling for AC installation Flower Mound always considers the lifespan of the system, which usually ranges between 10-15 years depending on the brand and AC maintenance Flower Mound, along with the up-front cost and the geographic conditions you live in. If you live in a cold region, then investing in an expensive high SEER rating is a viable option, but if you use the unit only for 2-3 months a year, it is not a suitable option for your housing/ work unit. The average cost to buy and install an entire HVAC system, with a high SEER, in a standard home will cost about $3,500 to around $4,000, and you may end up saving around $1,700 in energy consumption within a decade.

Now, once you’ve decided whether you want a high rating or low rating SEER AC unit, there may be apprehensions about how low or high is the best choice for you. Be stress-free and use the SEER Calculator in the AC company Flower Mound to find the best efficiency for your house or workspace.

To Conclude

Once you’ve figured out the right SEER rating for your needs, head to Honest Home Services LLC, the best AC company in Flower Mound, to get the best services in installation, maintenance, and AC repair for Flower Mound.

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