Mini-splits typically have a lifespan of 20 years if maintained properly, significantly longer than the 12- to 15-year average lifespan of conventional heating and cooling systems. This makes it more likely that your mini-split will keep you more comfortable than most conventional heating and cooling systems. However, you must schedule routine maintenance for your mini-split with an HVAC contractor in Texas.

Your mini-split can operate at its peak efficiency when you properly maintain and repair it, just like any other appliance.

If any of the following situations apply, ductless mini-split systems are worth taking into consideration:
  • Because of its age, your home lacks ductwork and a central HVAC system.
  • You want to condition a room of your home that isn’t serviced by the central HVAC system, like a garage or an addition.
  • You want to replace your current central HVAC system with one that doesn’t require ductwork.
  • In your home, you want to condition the air in specific rooms.
  • You have an allergic family member.