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Commercial Heating And Air Conditioning In Flower Mound, TX

Commercial Heating And Air Conditioning in Flower Mound, Dallas, TX and Surrounding Areas

Some people assume that residential and commercial HVAC units are the same system. But that is not the case. Commercial buildings like warehouses and restaurants have different requirements than residential buildings.

Our experts of commercial cooling and heating repair in Flower Mound, TX, will help you find the perfect commercial HVAC system.

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Commercial HVAC Units and Residential HVAC Units Are Not The Same!

Commercial buildings need more powerful and energy-efficient HVAC systems, so they can deliver excellent services by consuming less energy. Also, you’ll be requiring AC maintenance in Flower Mound and repair services to avoid any mishaps at the workplace.

Here are some systems that will fit perfectly with your commercial building layout:

Single-split AC system

A single-split AC system has one compressor, an evaporator coil, a refrigerant fluid, and a furnace. It is best for small commercial buildings with fewer rooms and server rooms. Hire experts for a proper AC installation in Flower Mound, TX.

Multi-split AC System

A multi-split AC system is similar to a single split AC system but has the advantage of connecting multiple indoor units with a single AC outdoor unit. It is best for massive commercial buildings with multiple floors and rooms.

Variable Air Volume

A variable air volume HVAC system is best for small offices as the system creates constant cooling and heating by adjusting the temperature and airflow.

Constant Air Volume

These commercial systems work by adjusting the air supply temperatures to different zones, so these are not ideal for buildings with multiple heating and cooling zones.

Variable Refrigerant Flow

Variable refrigerant flow systems use refrigerant to produce heating and cooling temperatures. These units are not suited for massive indoor facilities as they move the refrigerant fluid to different zones to deliver effective services.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps transfer the air from one place to another using little electrical energy. These systems are perfect for school and sports complexes, but not suitable where extreme temperatures are needed.

What Type of AC System is Best for Your Commercial Building?

Commercial HVAC Units and Residential HVAC Units Are Not the Same!

There are different factors based on which you can decide what heating system is best for your building. These are factors to think about while buying an HVAC system as per an expert of AC repair in Flower Mound, TX:

  1. Building design
  2. Air quality
  3. Energy efficiency
  4. Local climate
  5. Budget
  6. The time you want the HVAC system to work.

Is a Permit Necessary For Installing HVAC Systems For Commercial Buildings?

According to the Texas government officials, it is necessary to have building permits for installing, replacing, or maintaining HVAC systems in commercial buildings or large-scale projects. Even smaller residential projects also need building permission before performing any HVAC services.

Performing house renovation, improvement activities, and installing other HVAC services without the building permit will invite problems and heavy penalty duties if you don’t comply with the laws.

You have nothing to worry about because Honest Home Services HVAC contractor in Lewisville, TX, will do everything on your behalf.

We Will Help Fulfill Your Dream and Comfortability Needs

Honest Home Services understands the importance of having optimum HVAC services in a commercial space. So, when you come to us with your project and requirements, our team will come up with the best HVAC options that fit within your budget, and there is no compromise on the quality of services.

Our technicians of HVAC repair in Flower Mound, TX, will ensure that everything works out with proper management and without delay in the planned schedule. Call (972)-537-5599 for a commercial HVAC service quote or if you need more details.

Commercial Heating And Air Conditioner Services – Servicing the Flower Mound, Dallas, TX and Surrounding Areas

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