Summer heatwaves are relatively common in the United States. If you live in Texas, you should keep the interior of your home cool and comfortable during these extreme weather events. It will necessitate the use of a dependable and functional HVAC unit.

However, most people are unaware that extreme temperatures can hurt specific components of their air conditioning system that require frequent HVAC repair in Flower Mound, TX.

The Dangers Of Overheating Your Blower Motor.

The average household air conditioning unit draws in air from outside and cools it according to the thermostat settings. The blower motor will draw into the house when the outdoor air is cooled sufficiently. This air will then get distributed throughout the home through the air duct system. Even when your HVAC unit’s compressor remains off, the blower fan continues to run.

The blower motor may overheat if your cooling unit struggles to generate cool air on a hot day. When this component overheats, the breaker that supplies it with power usually trips. If your unit constantly shuts down due to a tripped breaker or excessive heat, it might damage the entire air conditioning appliance.

Extreme Heat Can Damage Capacitors.

Several elements must work together to keep your HVAC unit operational. Capacitors are electrical components created to deliver the proper voltage level to your blower motor. If these capacitors are subjected to high temperatures, they may lose their capability to hold an electrical charge.

When capacitors fail, you will typically hear a clicking sound coming from the indoor component of your HVAC unit. While this is more common in older units, faulty capacitors- can also be found in newer systems. So if you hear a clicking sound, you should contact HVAC repair experts to replace the damaged capacitors.

Steps to prevent your air conditioning appliance from heat.

Here are two ways to prevent your cooling unit.

Change The Air Filter

It’s likely time to clean or replace your air conditioner’s air purifier, depending on whether you have a recyclable or expendable filter.

Remove the air filter and hold it to the light. If you can’t see the light coming through it, it’s dust-clogged and might restrict the airflow, causing your unit to work inefficiently.

Check If the Unit is Frozen

The evaporator coil can freeze when an air conditioning system constantly runs to keep up with the heat. Place your hand on the side of the unit near the filter. If it feels extremely cold, it is most likely frozen on the inside, and you might even notice ice hanging from the unit.

To defrost the exchanger coils, turn off the cooling mode and switch on the fan. While at it, ensure the filter and the coils surrounding it are dust-free, as dust can cause an air conditioner to overheat.

Hire only the best HVAC technicians.

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