Highland Village, TX Air Conditioning & Heating

Highland Village, TX Air Conditioning & Heating

When you enter your home and are greeted by a blast of cool air after being out in the hot sun, or when you are embraced in warmth after being bundled up in the cold, you feel a sense of relief. That’s why it’s so important to maintain and regularly service your air conditioning and heating systems. Not only do they keep your home’s temperature comfortable, but they also prevent issues with your plumbing and safety. Honest Home Services is here for you and your family when you need air conditioning or heating services in Highland Village, TX. 

We are family-owned and operated, serving Highland Village and the surrounding areas for over 20 years. Our team is well-versed in servicing various units, from residential to commercial. You can count on us to provide excellent, honest customer service while taking care of your systems so you can enjoy them for years to come. Whether you need your air conditioning system cleaned and filter replaced or your heating system replaced, we do it all. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with your air conditioning and heating needs. 

Air Conditioning Services 

When your air conditioning goes out, you’re sure to feel the effects pretty quickly. That’s why our technicians will provide you with efficient service so you won’t have to remain uncomfortable for long. We also provide regular maintenance services so you can keep your air conditioning in top shape and reduce the chance of a broken unit. Our air conditioning services in Highland Village, TX, include:


Tune-ups are a service you can schedule at regular intervals or at the start of spring or summer. It’s a great idea to schedule these when you haven’t been using your air conditioning system often or plan to start using it more. An air conditioning tune-up service is great for checking the filter, cleanliness, lubrication, and more. Our technicians will also advise you on proper maintenance to extend the life of your unit. 


When it’s time for a new unit, our services are second to none. We will provide you with a full range of affordable options that are best suited to your home. Our years in the business have made us the experts on which units hold up and which don’t. So you can trust that we will strive to offer you the best system for your home and budget. 


The moment you begin to feel your home getting hotter instead of cooler, you know there’s a problem. Suddenly you’re hot, uncomfortable, and stressed as you try to get a technician to your home. Honest Home Services has you covered. We have professionals on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can get your air conditioner back up and running quickly. Call us at (972) 537-5599 right away if your air conditioning needs repairs. 


Our technicians will strive to repair any issues your ac may be experiencing. However, there are times when a new AC will be easier and more cost-efficient than repairing an old one. We understand this may not be good news, but our technicians are happy to help you find a replacement from our large selection of affordable, long-lasting systems. Once you pick your system, we will take it from there!

Heating Services

Few things compare to the feeling of relaxing in a warm house after a cold day. If your heating system begins to act up and a cold chill creeps in, Honest Home Services will be happy to provide you with reliable heating services in Highland Village, TX. 

Common Issues 

There are a few signs you should be aware of if you suspect your heating system may not be working as it should, such as:

  • Odd noises such as popping, grinding, or banging
  • Cold air is blowing out
  • The system won’t turn on or turns on and off repeatedly
  • Higher gas or electric bills
  • Increased dust in the air
  • The temperature from room to room is inconsistent

These are the most common signs your heating may not be working properly. Some of these can be fixed simply by cleaning and maintaining your system, while others may mean the electrical needs to be fixed. Either way, Honest Home Services is the team for you. We will be happy to provide you with fast, effective service. 

Our Services

We cover a range of services for heating systems, including:

  • Repairs
  • Replacements
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Thermostats
  • Heat pumps

No matter the problem, we know our way around a heating system and can help you extend the life of your heating system.

Top-Rated Air Conditioning & Heating Services in Highland Village, TX

If you require maintenance, repairs, installation, or replacement of your air conditioning or heating systems in Highland Village, TX, Honest Home Services is here to provide you with top-notch services with our honest advice and opinions. We want to help you make your systems last as long as possible. Contact us today at (972) 537-5599 or fill out our contact form online to learn more!

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