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Heating Installation and Replacement in Highland Village, TX

Heating Installation and Replacement in Highland Village, TX and the Surrounding Areas

During the winter, your heating system is essential to creating a safe and warm environment at home. However, if your heater is straining to keep you warm this winter, it may be time to replace it. How do you know when to call a heating replacement in Highland Village, TX? Check out the following warning signs to see if it’s time to replace your heater and install a new one.

Heating Installation and Replacement in Highland Village, TX and the Surrounding Areas

Signs to Replace Your Heater and Install a New One

Here are seven indicators that it’s time to replace your furnace.


You might think about changing your heater if it is getting old. Since the energy efficiency of heating systems has significantly increased recently, replacing your old heater can help you save money by preventing higher energy bills this winter. If your old heater breaks down unexpectedly, replacing it sooner rather than later will also help you avoid the inconvenience of going without heat.

High Electricity Bill

An unusual increase in your electricity bills could be one of the signs that you need to install a new heater while replacing your heater. The increased heating cost arises because your system has to work significantly harder to provide the desired level of heating to your home. Consider updating your inefficient home heat if you want to save money on power.

Strange Sounds

As heating systems age, they may begin to make screaming, rattling, or pounding noises. A well-functioning heating system should not create a lot of noise. It’s advisable to have it checked out if you’re hearing unusual noises coming from it. There could be several possible sources for those strange noises. Increased levels of these noises are usually an indication that your heating system needs replacement.

Short Cycling

If you observe that your heating unit starts and then suddenly shuts down, it is most certainly short cycling, which is a severe problem. Short cycling, like most other heating problems, can have a variety of causes.

If your heating system is new or has always short-cycled, it may simply be too large for your home, and replacing it with a more adequately sized heating unit may be the best solution. It could be something as simple as a dirty air filter or something more complex, such as a flame sensor or a thermocouple that has to be changed. We provide one of the best heating repair Highland Village, TX.

Hot and Cold Spots

On colder days, an aging heating system will fail to heat your home evenly and consistently. Some rooms may be warm, while others may be too cold. If you notice that some rooms in your house are colder than others, likely, your furnace is no longer heating sufficiently to keep your house warm.

Although a heater repair can provide a temporary fix, the ideal alternative is to install a new heating system that is correctly sized for your home’s heating demands. Get in touch with a professional heater replacement and installation service provider.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Older heating systems were designed to heat your home rather than improve indoor air quality, which makes your home feel stuffy or smell strange. That aging heat pump could be the source of your bad air quality.

To avoid your heat pump posing a risk to your household, contact heat pump replacement in Highland Village, TX, to replace it with an energy-efficient model that will keep the air allergen-free.

Require Frequent Repairs

At some point, replacing the heater with new equipment is a wiser investment than continuing to pay for the rising costs of repairs on the old heater.


If you’re looking for the best heating repair service or heater installation in Highland Village, TX, Honest Home Services is here to help. All you need may be a repair. If that’s the case, we’ll gladly execute the necessary repairs. On the other hand, if getting a new system is the most cost-effective option, we’ll assist you in finding and installing the best heater for your home.

Schedule Heating Installation @ ‭+1 (972) 537-5599‬‬ or Schedule Online today! Along with smart thermostats, we also provide HVAC repair in Flower Mound, TX.

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