Even though modern techniques have enhanced the functionality and durability of today’s HVAC devices, HVAC installation still requires time and planning. Hence many homeowners usually feel perplexed about air conditioner installation.

They often get stressed about how much time the new cooling system installation might take and how long it would require for them to be able to enjoy their new air conditioning unit.

If you are planning a new AC installation in Flower Mound, TX, know that a professional technician usually takes 4-8 hours to install a cooling unit, depending on factors such as installation area, load capacity, and more.

How Does a Professional Technician Install an Air Conditioning Appliance?

Here are some important steps a professional technician follows to install an air conditioning appliance.

Estimating The Heating and Cooling Loads

Depending on different aspects, air conditioning installation might require three days. It comprises different mandatory actions the HVAC specialist must be cautious with during an air conditioner installation. While starting the installation procedure, the AC contractor in Flower Mound will determine your cooling needs.

The contractor examines numerous factors to reach a relevant estimation. These aspects include the age, size, and location of your house. Likewise, materials used to build your home also play a vital role as the installation is primarily done on windows and walls. Therefore, the number of windows, doors, and floors matters.

Consider The Outdoor Unit Installation

The outdoor unit installation needs a level concrete slab. It needs roughly three feet of clearance to operate properly. Hence it is another aspect that professional technicians consider during AC installation.

Finding The Most Appropriate Areas for Installation

The air conditioner installation technician will then determine where they must place the outdoor and inside cooling equipment. The air conditioner service providers will evaluate the property to select the most cost-effective places for your device installation.

Working on Air Conditioner Ducting

The ductwork is another procedure that demands attention and patience. Technicians will examine your existing ducting before air conditioner installation. They will look for any impairment and repair or seal it.

Even if you have a high-end air conditioner system, leaky vents can make it futile. They will also wash the vents if there is a lot of dust, as clean ducts assist in airflow clearing.

Inspecting For Leaks in The Refrigerant Lines

Another essential step is to examine the refrigerant pipes for any leakage. The professional technicians will specify a full replacement if they find out they’re in poor shape. Since they need to get the line length right, it might take some time.

They can also solder and braze the pipes to perform a leak test. They also link the condensate line, charge the refrigerant, and install the air filter to improve indoor air ventilation and security.


You can sufficiently prepare your home now that you understand how long a professional HVAC installation takes. Contact our experts at Honest Home Services LLC at (469) 421-6447 or visit our website for the best AC installation or other HVAC-related services.

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