Plano, TX Air Conditioning & Heating

Plano, TX Air Conditioning & Heating

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Air Conditioning and Heating Repair in Plano, TX

When your air conditioning unit stops working properly, or you discover your heater needs to be repaired in the middle of winter, you can call on Honest Home Services to deliver fast, efficient service to your home.

Our Plano, TX, HVAC repair services include heating and air conditioning repair and maintenance, as well as annual inspections, tune-ups, and installations. We also offer Plano, TX, homeowners maintain and install heat pumps to keep their homes comfortable and warm. 

If you are looking for professional, reliable AC or heater repair in Plano, please contact us today.

Our Air Conditioning Services


We provide a full range of air conditioning services for all makes and models throughout Plano, TX, and surrounding areas. You can contact us anytime you experience trouble with your AC, including these symptoms:

  • The air conditioner blows hot or warm air
  • Your air conditioner runs constantly
  • You hear banging, hissing, or clicking noises when you run your air conditioning 
  • The thermostat does not match your room temperature 
  • You need to change your air conditioner filter but do not know which type to buy or how to install it 

Our extensive maintenance and repair services help extend the lifespan of your air conditioner while improving its performance. In addition to taking care of your system, we also care about making sure you and your family can enjoy reliable cooling in your home, whenever you need it.

AC Tune-Up Services in Plano, TX 

Annual servicing keeps your air conditioner running smoothly, and it helps maintain the manufacturer’s warranty on your unit. Our AC tune-up process includes air filter replacement, electrical inspection and tightening, lubrication, and chemical washing to remove any contaminants from your system. 

We can offer you a personalized service that addresses all of your air conditioning needs. We will also let you know when to call us again, so we can keep your AC running perfectly for years.

AC Repairs 

Sometimes, even a maintained air conditioner can experience a sudden issue that requires a skilled technician’s care. The Honest Home Services team provides fast AC repair in Plano, TX, that can resolve issues such as clogged air filters, faulty writing, and refrigerant leaks. 

Our certified repair technicians help extend the lifespan of your system, improve its energy efficiency, and ensure that only fresh air is blown into your home at all times. 

AC Replacement and Installation 

If you are ready to upgrade your air conditioning unit, we can help you find the perfect replacement. We also offer a range of cost-effective solutions for those who need to replace their AC on a budget. 

In addition to helping you find the right model for your home, we will skillfully handle every step of the installation and set-up process. Then, we’ll tell you how to operate and care for your new AC, so it lasts for decades.

Plano, TX, Heating Repair Services


Heaters may not be relied on as much as AC here in Plano, TX, but they are still an important part of your home. Whether you have a central heating system or gas furnace, our qualified technicians can perform any type of repair you may need.

Please call Honest Home Services if you have any of these issues: 

  • Strange noises coming from your heater
  • Banging, clicking, hissing, or screeching noises
  • A higher utility bill despite regular use 
  • Cold spots in your home

We will quickly diagnose your heater and come up with the right solution. 

Heater Installation 

Is it time to replace your heater? If your system is over 10 years old, then it likely needs to be replaced with a newer, more energy-efficient model. We would be happy to help you find the best type of heater for your home in Plano, TX. 

We will ensure that your new heater is the right size for your home, then handle its installation. We’ll also let you know when to schedule maintenance and how to run your new heater for optimal performance.

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At Honest Home Services, we combine over 20 years of technical experience with an unwavering passion for delighting our customers. You can contact us anytime you have questions about our services. You can also book an appointment on our website, or call us at (972) 537-5599.

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