Furnaces face various problems that can affect their lifespan and working efficiency if not fixed at the right time. If you avoid these problems for various days and weeks, they may take a toll on the working capacity of the furnace and may lead to a permanent breakdown.

One such problem that furnaces may face is frequent short cycling. Short cycling happens when a furnace shuts down before reaching the required indoor temperature. Short cycling can damage the furnaces and their components and increase the number of repair jobs.

Common Reasons for Furnace Short-Cycling:

When you notice your furnace frequently short cycles, you should check out the following factors before contacting your HVAC contractor for heating repair in Flower Mound:

Wrong Size

When you purchase a new furnace for your home, you need to buy the right model size to ensure that the system works with the highest efficiency possible. You should contact your technician for accurate measurements before purchasing the model. If the short furnace cycles, it may be possible that the system is too large for your home.


An overheating furnace will frequently short cycle and damage the system. A furnace can overheat due to various reasons. Issues like dirty air filters and clogged ducts and vents may lead to overheating of the furnace.

You should ensure no airflow restriction to the system to avoid overheating problems. When the airflow faces restrictions, the system must work harder to push the air out, leading to overheating and increased energy bills.

Old System

A furnace that has crossed its age limit will cease to function efficiently. Even if you regularly contact your HVAC contractor in Flower Mound, TX, to service your furnace, it will not work efficiently after it has crossed its lifespan.

A gas furnace can work for 15 to 20 years, an electric furnace can work for 20 to 30 years, and an oil furnace can work for more than 30 years. Match these number of years with the current age of your furnace to determine whether your furnace is short cycling due to aging or not.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

As you know, your furnace works according to the instructions of your thermostat. When a thermostat detects that your indoor temperature is decreasing, it instructs the furnace to start working and heating the place.

If your thermostat has dead batteries or wiring issues, it will not detect the right temperature. Its malfunctioning will cause the system to short cycle frequently due to misreading of temperature. You can avoid this problem by regularly checking your thermostat or installing a smart thermostat.

Dirty Flame Sensor

The flame sensor in your furnace controls the gas flow in your system. If it is dirty, it will not function efficiently and may send mixed signals to the system, causing it to short cycle. The best way to keep your flame sensor from malfunctioning is by cleaning it regularly. Cleaning your flame sensor regularly also avoids the problems of gas leakages in your home.

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