Knowing how happy you are with your current AC is an important consideration. If you had been pleased with its performance until issues cropped up, you might want to make the necessary repairs and maintain it for greater longevity. An AC replacement in Lewisville, TX can help your AC perform optimally.

Signs Your AC Needs Replacement

Age of the Device

With regular maintenance, most AC units should last 20 years or more. Your home warranty might be able to pay for the repair or replacement of your HVAC system if something breaks in it.

Warm Air

It might be time for an upgrade if your central air conditioner isn’t operating correctly. A professional might be able to fix your AC if it isn’t working at all or help you identify clogged ductwork to get it repaired immediately. Contact us for AC repair in Lewisville, TX.

Unusual Noise or Odor

Your AC unit may be near its end of life if it makes unusual or loud noises while operating. Similar to this, strange odors from your vents when your central air is running may indicate that your AC unit needs to be replaced.

Rising Energy Prices

Rising energy costs may not be the sole cause of your central air conditioning system’s increasing operating costs. Your HVAC system will lose efficiency as it ages, resulting in increased costs. An aging air conditioner loses Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) points, costing up to 9% of efficiency.


Your air conditioner’s ability to effectively remove humidity from the air inside your home will decline as it ages, loses efficiency, or if problems arise with the evaporator coil. Your house will feel colder, and you might notice condensation around your vents, ductwork, or fog on your windows. Additionally, there’s a chance that mold or mildew will grow inside your house or apartment.

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