A blown furnace fuse can create significant failures for your heating system, which is why you should never ignore such problems. Overheating of the internal appliances is usually the main cause of a blown furnace fuse. Hence to limit unnecessary repairs in your heating system, it is better to call experts for furnace repair in Flower Mound.

Understanding the Furnace Fuse Concept

A furnace fuse is a piece of equipment that keeps electrical devices from short circuits, making it a vital instrument for all heavy machines and needs a routine inspection.

The fuses on the heating system are of low voltage (3 to 5 amps), and when it gets overstuffed over the limit, the fuse blows and stops the power from drifting further through the wires of your appliance.

For example, it could occur during the searing summer season when the air conditioner tries to match the temperature and produce a better cooling outcome, for which it needs more heat power than the fuse capacity, eventually leading to a blown furnace fuse.

How To Check a Blown Furnace Fuse?

When a heating fuse blows, your furnace unit might not receive the power that it requires. Therefore, the primary indication of a blown fuse is that your air conditioner turns off on its own with a bit of loud noise. Now to inspect whether it demands HVAC repair in Flower Mound TX or not, follow these simple steps:

  • Disconnect your furnace from the primary electricity meter board.
  • Outstretch coverings from outdoors and indoors in the furnace meter board carefully, which will help expose the live wires. Also, make sure that you remain careful while completing this step.
  • Switch the voltmeter to 0 or infinity.
  • Write down the voltmeter reading. Here, you will see two groups of wires, i.e., line wires indicating incoming discharge and load wires telling outgoing flow. It should remain around 200 to 220 volts.
  • Check both incoming and outgoing furnace readings. If the reading is as mentioned above, it confirms the furnace fuse is not blown, and there might be some other issues related to your heating system.
  • If the voltage is not between 200 to 220 volts, the furnace fuse is blown, and the final step includes cautiously replacing the heating fuse and calling experts for heating repair in Coppell.

Top Reasons for Blowing of Furnace Fuse

Mentioned hereunder are some of the top reasons for a blown furnace fuse.

  • Faulty Electrification

    Old furnace wires of inferior quality or wires that remain poorly connected can be a threat to your electrical appliances. Therefore, the electrification of wires is vital, and you can either do it yourself or call experts for heating repair to be safe.

  • Inadequate Maintenance

    Heating appliances, once installed, require routine maintenance to operate efficiently. Also, a lack of tune-ups leads to significant issues due to dust and dirt accumulation leading to the furnace fuse breaking down.

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